Incorrectly cashed?

To avoid errors when Unibet Bonussince the waiver of a Unibet Bonus Code is already one of the largest pitfalls of redemption from the path has been cleared, this when Scandinavian Bookie quite comfortable. However there are a number of points which all new customers should be aware that the generous bonus terms is not a disaster but turnout.

Not all bets are paid: in addition to the combination bets in the pre-wetten area, are also the live betting completely from the fulfilment of the conditions of sales are excluded. This point is not necessarily transparent mentioned, but is of enormous importance.

The time plays with: even if the sales conditions of course not very high, so you still must within 30 days. Proportionate although this is a short period of time, nevertheless, both beginners as well as experienced sports weather with this time do not have problems, especially just four times the bonus amount must be implemented.

Care to the casino players: who in addition to the sports betting decides to also offer the casino bonus for the fulfilment of the conditions to take advantage of different must be the rating of the games. Links to the game auto officers are evaluated to 100 percent, inserts at the bingo figures even 200 percent. Table games are only evaluated with ten percent.

Bonus Rating: ideal for beginners

at the Unibet bonus is something for everyone. No matter whether it is for casino games or sports betting decides, both is possible here. The bonus conditions are very human. The bonus amount must be paid to the successful implementation of just four times, as well as the required minimum ratio of 1.40 refreshing low.

This is in contrast to other betting providers is very commendable, since they usually only a minimum of 1.50 go down there. In the quote comparison show the Scandinavians also not the worst results so that the required minimum rates should be easy to find. However, the TO then at Unibet Bonus erspielende but also relatively small. While waving a doubling of the paid sum, but only up to a maximum amount of Euro 75.